Nollywood Actor – Mr Okon Turns Politician

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nigeria news

The Governor of Akwa Ibom State Mr. Emmanuel Udom have appointed Nollywood Actor, Mr. Imeh Bishop Imoh popularly known as Mr. Okon as Special Assistant to the Governor on Ethical and Social Reorientation.

Mr Okon is good at what he is doing – Acting. His role can not be measure with any other actors or actresses as he has a unique way and a lot of entertaining elements embedded in him.

The recent general election in Nigeria witness a dynamic methods of campaigning and the Entertainment Industry was one of the great tools used in appealing for “electorates votes”. The political party that used this method most was the Peoples Democratic Party – PDP where the likes of Mama G, Onyeka Owenu, I Go Dey, Bovi, Okon, Akpororo, Daddy Shokki, Kanu-Papiloo, Joseph Yobe, and lot of others move with the PDP almost all the states campaigning.

They said, they do not regret their decisions working for Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP even as the PDP did not emerge victorious at the presidential election.

But we have discover that most of the PDP State Governors have started inculcating some members of the Entertainment Industry in the system – Politics. Most especially in this era of entrepreneurial and self-reliance by the youths.

Information reaching Tweet.ng from Akwa Ibom State Government House have it that the appointment is not political in any nature. The main reason for two such appointments by Gov Emmanuel Udom is to allow these persons show case their ideas and knowledge gotten so far into the State Government in order for the Government to enhance the Entertainment Industry and encourage the spirit of entrepreneurial and self independent by Nigerian youths. Because if the Actors and Actresses can achieved and go this far “on there own” that means unemployment and evil vices can be drop drastically if Government invest in them by given them enabling platform in the society.


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