US ELECTION: Donald Trump Is Set For The US 2016 Election As Conservatives Elders – Stakeholders Endorse Him

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US ELECTION: The Republican presidential candidate seems to the finishing strong as his series of talks with all relevant persons hits success.

Over the course of his primary campaign Mr. Trump hasn’t been afraid to pick fights with fellow conservatives. He memorably sparred with Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly in the first Republican debate in August. He repeatedly criticized his party’s foreign policy establishment. And he relentlessly disparaged the Republican Party leaders.

“They win their election, and they go to Washington, and they’re with their wife or husband, and they say: ‘Look at the beautiful columns. I don’t want to leave this place, this is so beautiful,'” Mr. Trump said of Republican politicians in December. “And they let us down.”

Now Trump has reunited with Kelly in a make-nice Fox interview. He’s given a foreign-policy speech to a Washington think tank. He’s made the rounds on Capitol Hill and “planted seeds” with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

On Wednesday afternoon he even had a closed-door meeting with the dean of the conservative foreign-policy establishment, Henry Kissinger.

In the past Republicans have pivoted from the right to the political middle. Mr. Trump, it seems, is pivoting from the outside to the inside.

On Wednesday Mr. Trump released his much anticipated list of potential Supreme Court nominees. For an unconventional candidate, it was decidedly conventional.

While one judge, Don Willett of Texas, has an affinity for Twitter that almost rivals Mr. Trump’s, the list – eight men, three women, all white – is only surprising for its adherence to conservative orthodoxy.

It looks like it could have been the product of the right-wing Heritage Foundation. In fact, it largely was.

All of the names are judges currently on either state or federal courts, even though there is no constitutional requirement that Supreme Court nominees even be lawyers.

While no one was expecting Mr. Trump to suggest Hulk Hogan or Sarah Palin for the high court, his list looks a lot like business as usual for a Republican presidential candidate.


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