Weep No More, Gov. Okowa And PDP, For Their End Is Near Latimore Fred Tells Deltans

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Following the political history of South-South, Nigeria, you will agree with me that there is strong bond that tired the Peoples Democratic Party – PDP and the people of that region for decades. The South-East region is not left out on this as PDP hold their political ground but exception of Imo State where the Governorship position was to APGA in 2007 and APC in 2011. It was on record that other elected offices was won by the PDP. And at the time of this writ up, PDP still hold almost all House of Assembly and House of Representative positions in Imo state.

Delta State happen to be the most politically influential state in South-South and South-East regions as the Peoples Democratic Party – PDP successfully hold the political power of the state for almost 2 decades now.

But there seems to be strong indications of losing South-South zone, Delta state in particular to All Progressives Congress party – APC. Hear what media aid to APC Delta State Chapter – Mr. Fred Latimore about PDP Government and the progress of the Delta State APC so far:

“It is a truism that the good people of Delta State will soon gain freedom from the retrogressive and oppressive rule of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)”.

For 17 years, PDP wrecked a rich oil producing state and made her a petty beggar and chronic debtor in the midst of plenty.

Governor after Governor, since 1999, the rogue cabals in Delta State siphoned billions of Dollars into foreign bank accounts to the detriment of majority of Deltans. They now sell the state choice properties to themselves. What a pity!

A tour of the 25 local government in the state revealed the heartless and demonic leadership of PDP evil politicians who over the years impoverished the good people of Delta State, without sign of repentance.

The PDP thieves have constituted themselves into a binding force, coercing and manipulating the body, soul and spirit of poor Deltans; with fake electioneering promises that were never fulfilled.

From Delta Beyond Oil to Prosperity for All Deltans cum Smart Agenda, yet the living condition of our people remain terrible and degenerating per second, per second.

Gov Okowa’s prosperity agenda is killing Deltans. From the heavily taxed OKADA RIDERS to students in institutions of higher learning plagued with the yoke of 120% increase in school fees and tuition.

The market women a groaning under the acute pains of ridiculous tax regime introduced by the one and only prosperity, Ekwueme Ifeanyichukwu Okowa and PDP. The traders sell and handover all their profits to Okowa’s tax men.

Tears, pains, frustration and wailing everywhere in Delta State. Gov Okowa is a snake bite in the flesh of Deltans. The groaning is severe, but our people must be FREE from this oppression.

Corruption everywhere in Delta. Poverty is written on the door post of the common man. Who shall free Deltans from the evil bondage of PDP and Okowa?

Latimore Fred Oghenesivbe's photo.

2019 is not far away. Two more years for Okowa, the third year is election year. One year is gone. Cheer up Deltans. The SUN SHALL SURELY shine in 2019.

Latimore Fred Oghenesivbe's photo.

Time to mobilize towards our collective freedom from PDP and Okowa is NOW.

Latimore Fred Oghenesivbe's photo.

These men are ready. They and many others are the MEGA FORCES that will take Delta State by storm in 2019.

Latimore Fred Oghenesivbe's photo.

Be ready and be fully prepared. It is a battle, but we MUST win.



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